Signs Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Because many of us have to juggle our home life and a busy work schedule, we often feel tired. But if this fatigue doesn’t go away even when you get enough rest and lead a healthy lifestyle, you might be suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. This debilitating condition can cause a number of physical and mental symptoms that affect your life significantly. Here at Beauty Co. Raleigh Skin Boutique in Raleigh, NC, we help you to regain your energy levels.

The Signs Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

CFS affects one million people in the US, and many more suffer from similar conditions that cause tiredness and fatigue. While everybody is aware that people with CFS are lacking energy, the other symptoms associated with the syndrome aren’t as commonly discussed. However, sufferers are also likely to experience headaches, a loss of concentration, other sleeping problems, flu-like symptoms, and changes in their heartbeat.

Long-Lasting Tiredness

The most commonly known issue with CFS is tiredness. Although a certain level of exhaustion is normal, especially if you work in a high-stress environment or have a young family, this should be temporary and resolved by getting plenty of rest. Sufferers of the syndrome can’t shake their fatigue even if they sleep well and make a conscious effort to get plenty of rest.

In addition to physical tiredness, patients often also have mental exhaustion, which means that your brain can’t function as well as it usually does. You can’t shake this type of fatigue, no matter how you try to distract yourself or what measures you take to lead a healthy lifestyle. Over time, you may get so exhausted that simple daily tasks seem impossible. That’s why it’s essential to get help when you start to notice that your tiredness isn’t going away.

Headaches And Migraines

A very common symptom of CFS is persistent headaches or migraines, which can make it even harder for you to function well in your day-to-day life. A doctor might give you painkillers for this issue, but this is only a short-term fix. In order to make sure your headaches don’t come back as soon as the effects of the pills wear off, you’ll need to have your fatigue syndrome addressed.

A Loss Of Concentration

It goes without saying that extreme tiredness and constant headaches can cause you to lose concentration and focus, both at work and at home. You may not feel like doing any of your regular tasks, and if the condition becomes severe, you won’t be able to leave your house anymore.

This inability to function can cause some severe issues with your mental health, such as anxiety and depression. If you have CFS and you can’t see a way out, it might be time to speak to a professional and get help for both your symptoms and your mental state.

Problems Sleeping

CFS can happen to people who follow a perfectly healthy lifestyle and sleep for 7-9 hours on a regular basis, so you won’t necessarily have problems sleeping when you suffer from this syndrome. However, it’s possible to have both chronic fatigue and other issues with sleep, such as insomnia. This means that you might not be able to fall asleep easily at night or that you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back asleep.

Flu-Like Symptoms

A variety of different flu-like symptoms are associated with CFS. For example, you might have a chronically sore throat but without any swelling or other visible signs of infection. Many people also report muscle and joint pain similar to what you might experience when you have severe flu. Others feel dizzy or sick on a regular basis. If you have several such symptoms and there is no obvious cause, you might be suffering from CFS.

Changes In Your Heartbeat

One of the scariest symptoms of CFS is the changes you might experience to your heartbeat. Scientists aren’t quite sure why this happens, and it might be due to sleep deprivation or because of your general state of anxiety due to the condition.

Many patients who have chronic fatigue report that their heartbeat speeds up or becomes irregular, which makes them feel even more anxious. In the long term, a racing heart isn’t healthy and can cause further circulatory issues, so getting help is essential.

What Can I Do Against CFS?

The treatments you find at your doctor’s office can’t always help to resolve CFS, so you might need to look for alternative options. One interesting solution is IV hydration, which allows you to take in a lot of fluid and vital nutrients in a very short amount of time.

At our clinic, we can evaluate your situation and provide you with exactly those vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants your body is lacking. As a result, you might notice a distinct improvement in your well-being.

Regain Your Energy And Vitality Now

Chronic fatigue syndrome can be debilitating because it not only makes you tired, but it can also cause headaches, flu-like symptoms, and even changes in your heartbeat. You won’t be able to concentrate or get your daily tasks done, so it’s vital that you get help when you experience the first symptoms. Contact Beauty Co. Raleigh Skin Boutique in Raleigh, NC to book your initial appointment and find out more about how IV hydration could help re-energize you.


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